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Turntable Stylus Cleaner

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Turntable Stylus Cleaner - Specially designed Gel to help remove the debris on your needle for a better sound experience! The product contains: 

• 1x Solid oak wooden box
• 1x Cleaning Gel
• 1x Cleaning instructions
• 1x Mirror

The gel is made of a high-tech polymer that seems like a soft jello/gel-like solid, yet is actually a very slow-flowing, extremely high viscosity polymer, that is non-toxic, and non-polluting.

Gel Material: Polyurethane (Organopolysiloxane mixture). 98% Polydimethylsiloxane, 2% Platinum catalyst Having a much higher shear strength than the adhesive force between dirt and stylus, the cleaner can pull the dirt away without detaching itself and will not stick to the stylus.

To use Solid State Stylus Cleaner, stop the platter, lay the cleaner directly on the platter, and use arm cue to drop the stylus into the content, and lift up immediately for the cleaner captures all the dirt. 100% safe to the expensive cartridge